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Inorganic Chemistry

Cet routinely seeks out innovation to remain a key player in the Environmental field.  The iCAP Q, from Thermo Scientific, features groundbreaking technology to enable high performance with reliability.  This is the only ICP-MS system to utilize proprietary Q cell technology to effectively remove interferences with the use of Helium gas aided kinetic energy discrimination.  The new lens structure and Q cell combine to enhance performance for greater reliability at lower concentrations, while still maintaining the flexibility of a large dynamic range for routine analysis.

We have also invested in a new Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Mercury Analyzer, the QuickTrace M-7600.  This analyzer will help to improve overall method sensitivity along all sample matrices including soils, sludge, oil and water.


iCap Q - (ICP-MS)

  • EPA 200.8

  • EPA 6020

  • SPLP Metals

  • TCLP Metals

  • Uranium Analysis


  • EPA 200.7

  • EPA 6010

  • SPLP Metals

  • TCLP Metals

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

QuickTrace M-7600

  • EPA 7470

  • EPA 7471

  • EPA 245.2

  • SPLP Mercury

  • TCLP Mercury

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