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CET Certified in PFAS Testing


As a laboratory, we are constantly looking ahead in the environmental landscape to identify our clients' analytical needs.  We listen to all the feedback to make sure that we can meet our clients' needs.

After nearly a year long process of research and development, Complete Environmental Testing is excited to announce the ability to test for PFAS in several different unique matrices including:

      Drinking Water, Waste Water, Surface Water, Ground Water, Soil, and Sludge


CET currently holds certification for PFAS analysis by EPA method 537.1 in the state of Connecticut. 

In addition to drinking water samples, CET is equipped to run non-drinking water samples by ASTM D7979 and soil samples by ASTM D7968.

We have diligently researched laboratory equipment and made a significant investment in the future with our newest addition of an LC/MS/MS instrument that will ensure that we will be able to achieve much lower detection limits than the current regulatory limits.

We look forward to handling all your analytical needs with the constantly changing environmental landscape.

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