Wet Chemistry Department


At CET, we are equipped to run a wide range of both biological and wet chemistry methods. At CET we are trained to handle all your waste water, drinking water, storm water, and general discharge requirements.  Below you will see just a small list of the various methods performed in the lab on a day to day basis.

Oil and Grease by EPA 1664
  • Oil and Grease

  • Oil and Grease Hydrocarbon Fractionation

Flow Injection Analysis
  • Total Cyanide

  • Amenable Cyanide

  • Phenols

  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

Ion Chromatography
  • Nitrate

  • Nitrite

  • Chloride

  • Sulfate

  • Sulfide

  • Bromide

Miscellaneous Wet Chemistry
  • Hexavalent Chromium

  • Volatile Solids

  • Total Solids

  • Total Dissolved Solids

  • Total Suspended Solids

  • Total Coliform

  • Color

  • Conductivity

  • And much much more!