Additional Analysis Requests

A Note Regarding Additional Analysis Requests

If you need to request additional analysis on a chain of custody that has already been submitted to the lab, please e-mail the add-on request to to ensure a prompt response. If you do not receive a confirmation of your add-on request, please follow up with a phone call to the laboratory.

To request an add-on, please print out and make changes to the electronic copy provided to you via the sample confirmations or at the end of the report. If you do not have an electronic copy of the chain of custody, please call the lab to request one. The yellow carbon copies of the chain are not legible when scanned or faxed.

Add-ons should be marked on the chain of custody as an "A1" in the box instead of an X. In the notes section please include "A1" and the date that you are requesting the additional analysis. You can use "A1" to request analysis for multiple samples on that date. If you need to request analysis after the first add-on request, please use A2, A3, etc. and include the date requested each time.

Also a reminder, CET holds samples for thirty (30) days after the original report date. If you need samples held for longer than 30 days, please make a note in the notes section of the chain of custody including a disposal date or number of days to hold.

If you have any questions regarding additional analysis requests, please call the laboratory at 203-377-9984.

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