Sample Receipt Confirmations

Complete Environmental Testing is excited to announce the implementation of sample receipt confirmations for our clients.

Starting Monday April 4, 2016, the project manager listed on the chain of custody will receive a copy of the sample receipt page and a copy of the chain of custody as an attachment via e-mail.

This is a real-time update to the project manager when each work order is logged into our LIMS system.

Benefits of Sample Receipt Confirmations

  1. You can review chains of custody for any errors that may have occurred in the field.

  2. Each method is clearly listed on the sample receipt page.

  3. Work Order due date as well as requested TAT are listed on the sample receipt page.

  4. Any discrepancies can be addressed before final reports are generated.

We ask that project managers please review these documents upon receiving them, and resolve any issues with our sample log-in department.

If you have any questions regarding sample receipt confirmations, please contact our office at 203-377-9984.

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