Does your environmental laboratory include Arsenic & Uranium on a Standard Well Water Test?

Arsenic is classified as a human carcinogen. Uranium has been determined to affect the kidneys over time. Both of these analytes have been found in well water in the state of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health states that wells should be tested at the time of sale of a home, and every five years thereafter. Complete Environmental Testing (CET) has over twenty years of experience performing environmental testing. CET is one of the few laboratories in the state certified to analyze for Arsenic and Uranium.

Save over 35%

Complete Environmental Testing is offering special pricing to home inspectors. A complete test as listed above for only $115.00. Reference Offer Code: HOME2015 on your chain of custody

CET's client services include sampling containers, sample pick-ups and online access to your results. CET also has the capability to test for Volatile Organics, Pesticides and Fuel Oil Hydrocarbons (ETPH) for an additional fee.

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