Data Management


CET utilizes Promium's ELEMENT Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) as the core of our lab's operations.  It is responsible for such tasks as tracking sample holding times, sample status, and project due dates.  Additionally, the LIMS serves as our repository for all of our data.  Because all of our data is handled through the LIMS, we can routinely provide electronic data without the delays and errors associated with the re-entering of data into multiple programs.  


All data is stored on a host of secure servers that are backed up in real time to our DATTO backup system and stored in a secure cloud atmosphere.  This data is retained for a period of no less than 7 years, to ensure that data integrity is always maintained.


 Electronic Data Deliverables


CET has the ability to generate over 60 different types of Electronic Data Deliverables.  Such formats include basic Excel, ASCII, EQuIS, GISKey and LOCUS to name a few.  CET can also provide customized EDD formats to meet its customers needs. 






 Client Connect Web Portal


Client Connect is a powerful web-based communications tool intended to give clients quick and easy access to sample data, test results and documents.


With Client Connect our clients are able to:

  • Display a project list and associated lab work orders and analysis

  • Select sample and results detail

  • Download final reports, EDDs and related documents

  • Export configurable data reports (including CSV)

  • View Methodology Directory and list analysis, analyte, CAS number, description, general method, specific method or test package





Data Quality Assessment Worksheet


Complete Environmental Testing (CET) is pleased to announce that we will provide the Data Quality Assessment Worksheet (DQAW) upon request.  At this time, CET is offering this service at no additional charge.  A note must be made on the chain of custody indicating the DQAW request.  The worksheet is provided in an Excel spreadsheet format and will be sent via e-mail or can be downloaded from the Client Connect web portal.


Data Quality Assessments enable you to document or summarize any data nonconformance.  This helps in understanding the uncertainty associated with the data for all types of decision making, while giving you better insight of the data limitations as decisions are made.


The worksheet will include quality control deficiencies associated with the data package.  Additionally, this will provide an easy way for you to evaluate the quality of the data as well as being a tremendous timesaver for you and your staff.


Please Contact Tim Fusco if you have any questions or need more information.



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